Dry cleaning of carpets, carpet and other floor coverings

We all know and understand that clean carpeting betray our apartment or our office a sophisticated look, but of course, raises us to himself mood, build is not very pleasant to walk on the dirty carpet and host guests or customers, it gives a negative opinion our guests.

Of course, we all know that over time, carpeting absorb dust, dirt, hair and odors (especially if there are pets in the house), and other microbes.

All this has a negative effect on our health. It is recommended to clean the carpets at least once 2-3 times a year.

Dry cleaning of carpets with the export Wash carpets outside the house

Handy tools at home to clean the carpet or carpet clean and not so easy, it’s difficult and exhausting process. To put it bluntly, chemicals that are commercially available in our market, to launder all the spots, and even more so to bring the deep dirt and parasites that have settled there, it is impossible. I would like to note that the use of such chemicals, resulting in damage to the structure of your carpet, and, accordingly, that the carpet life span is reduced. As a rule, they begin to break, lose their appearance.

The convenient or profitable dry cleaning carpets in your home now.

Firstly, you do not fit any effort, but to call cleaning company. Carpet Rug Cleaning Service will be done 100% quickly and accurately! Cleaning of carpet will be done very carefully and gently!

Dry cleaning of carpets at home

Carpet Cleaning 3Companies specializes in: Upholstered furniture cleaning, Dry cleaning of carpets and washing the windows. Our range of services is aimed only at this. Years of experience and knowledge of working with different types of stains, knowledge of the properties of chemicals and the use of only high-end chemistry allows us to clean up many spots and make damage to your furniture fabric, but rather only to update it. Dry carpet will take place at the highest level!

Dry carpet at home using the services of company – it’s a great option that will save you from all the difficulties associated with cleaning. If you do not want to do cleaning of carpets at home , we suggest you use the services – Carpet cleaning with removal. Cleaning the carpet so 100% quality and no extra household chores, Wash carpets will be held in a specially equipped room.

Many customers find that carpet cleaning is needed only when the spots are already visible, and need only to walk a vacuum cleaner, and it will be clean. This opinion is wrong! Firstly, the carpet soiled gradually and substantially uniformly over the entire area. But carpeting, keep all the dirt is not on the surface, but inside and in the very fabric of the structure, so bring all the dirt with a vacuum cleaner is not real.


Dry carpet – easy!

Dirt on your upholstered furniture and carpets displayed only with the use of special equipment and chemicals. Carpet Cleaning only occurs with the use of modern chemical. Funds that keep the fabric structure and bring all the spots. Dry cleaning of carpets – this is exactly what you need! Cleaning will be carried out very quickly, carefully and accurately. Carpet Cleaning will be carried out at the highest technical level!

Carpet cleaning and cleaning of carpet for our company will have no difficulty, remember that dry cleaning carpet cleaning carpet in our company are engaged only professionals. Dry cleaning of carpets is made in the shortest possible time and with maximum quality.

Cleaning carpets at home will help you quickly bring your carpet in order! Cleaning carpets at home in Kiev – this is what you need! Quick and hassle you will get high quality brushed carpet. Carpet washing – this is our profile, so our service will be done at its best!

Do not forget that the dirt not only spoils the appearance of your carpet, but also reduces the life of your carpet! Cleaning carpets at home will help you to increase the life of the carpet!